Credit Rating Bodies

Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs) are the bodies responsible for putting qualifications and learning programmes onto the SCQF. All Further Education (FE) colleges are CRBs, as are all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), the Scottish Qualifications Authority and a number of approved bodies:

Each CRB has rigorous and robust quality assurance systems for credit rating learning programmes onto the SCQF. The credit rating process involves ensuring the quality and integrity of the learning programmes, then allocating an SCQF level to a learning programme using the level descriptors and calculating the amount of time that it will take a typical learner to achieve the programme. Learning programmes must be at least a notional 10 hours in duration, equating to 1 SCQF credit point. Other than this, learning programmes can be of any length.

CRBs credit rate their own learning programmes and some of them are also allowed to credit rate learning programmes developed by other, ‘third party’ organisations.

The SCQF Partnership provides ongoing support to CRBs and has developed a number of resources to complement the information contained in the 2009 SCQF Handbook: User Guide.

If you would like more information about CRBs or credit rating, please contact a member of the SCQF Partnership Executive Team on 0845 270 7371.