Background to the SCQF

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is Scotland’s national qualifications framework. The SCQF supports lifelong learning and can help:

people of all ages and circumstances to access appropriate education and training over their lifetime, so as to fulfil their personal, social and economic potential
employers, learners and the general public to understand the full range of Scottish qualifications, how qualifications relate to each other and to other forms of learning, and how different types of qualification can contribute to improving the skills of the workforce.

SCQF Partnership

The SCQF is in the custody of, and managed by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership (SCQF Partnership). Since its creation in November 2006 the SCQF Partnership, which is a company limited by guarantee and a Scottish registered charity, has aimed to:

• ensure that, where appropriate, all assessed learning and qualifications in Scotland are included within the Framework and extend the recognition of informal and non formal learning;
• fully develop and promote the Framework as a Lifelong Learning tool;
• develop relationships with other frameworks internationally.

Its members are:

• the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education;
• College Development Network;
• the Scottish Qualifications Authority; and
• Universities Scotland.

It can also co-opt up to 2 Directors.

The Aims of the SCQF Partnership

The SCQF Partnership’s strategic aims are to:

• maintain the quality and integrity of the Framework;
• promote and develop the Framework as a tool to support lifelong learning; and
• develop and maintain relationships with frameworks in the UK, Europe and internationally.

For more information read our Annual Report 2015-16.

SCQF Quality Committee

The SCQF Partnership Board established the SCQF Quality Committee to support the quality of the SCQF and to provide clear, accurate technical information to learners, the public and others with an interest in learning, including learning providers and employers.

Chaired by Dr. Ray Harris, independent consultant, the Committee is composed of experts in quality assurance from a number of educational and business environments. The Quality Committee advises the SCQF Partnership Board on matters relating to the quality and integrity of the Framework and meetings take place once a quarter.

Details of the organisations that comprise the membership of the SCQF Quality Committee can be found within the Terms of Reference.

SCQF Forum

The SCQF Forum helps the SCQF Partnership to promote and extend the use of the SCQF. The Forum comprises senior representatives from the fields of education, business and communities in Scotland.

The Forum provides us with sectoral feedback and input to help us ensure that the SCQF continues to meet the needs of all learners, employers and other users of Scottish qualifications, within Scotland and in Europe and the rest of the world.

Details of the organisations that comprise the membership of the SCQF Forum can be found within the Terms of Reference.