• DYW Diagram
    How the SCQF supports Developing the Young Workforce.
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  • Employer Guide
    Guide to the SCQF for Employers - find out how the SCQF can support business processes such as recruitment, staff development and having in-house learning programmes credit rated on the SCQF.
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  • Criteria Explained
    This Information should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Handbook: User Guide which is a technical document that describes the key features and technicalities of the Framework along with approaches that should be followed in its implementation.
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  • Credit Points Explained
    Within the SCQF the minimum number of credits recognised for a learning programme is one which represents a notional 10 hours of learning.
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  • EU tools for helping people work and Study in other countries
    European tools that help people work and study in other countries.
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  • SCQF Annual Impact Report
    SCQF Annual Impact Report measuring the value and importance of the SCQF 2016-17.
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  • Old V New Diagram
    Useful resource to help you compare qualifications from the 1960s through to today. Handy for parents, career advisers or for those who recruit across a wide age group.
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  • Would You Credit It? Info Flyer
    Workshop information flyer.
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  • Guidance on using the Level 1 Descriptor
    This guide aims to provide additional supplementary information and guidance for those credit rating programmes at SCQF Level 1 and should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Handbook and SCQF Credit Rating Criteria Explained where the detailed processes of credit rating are outlined.
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  • SCQF/HKQF Referencing Report
    Report on the referencing of the SCQF against the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF).
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