European Visibility Report

UK European Qualification Framework NCPs conducted a study several years ago with qualifications regulators and awarding organisations (AOs) to explore the options for displaying EQF level on qualification certificates. It was concluded by the regulators that they would not enforce … Continued

Re-Referencing the SCQF to the EQF

By Antony O’Reilly, Project Officer SCQF Partnership It’s been almost six years since the UK submitted the “Report Referencing the Qualifications Frameworks of the United Kingdom to the European Qualifications Framework”.  A snappy title to be sure, but it was … Continued

Referencing Qualifications Frameworks to the EQF

The SCQF Partnership has been granted European funding to undertake a project to examine the latest guidance from the European Commission on referencing of qualifications frameworks and to scope out what would need to be done in the UK to … Continued

Launch of the REAL Toolkit for Adult Educators

March 26th/27th 2015 at Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling. This is a free event with lunch and dinner included. Some free places are available to stay overnight at the Stirling Court Hotel. There is also the option to attend … Continued

Review of SCQF International Study Visit

By Anthony O’Reilly, Development Officer SCQF For a long time now the SCQF Partnership has been involved in a wide range of projects and events relating to educational and national framework developments in Europe and across the world,  and because … Continued

Going Global

By Aileen Ponton, CEO SCQF Partnership. Followers of sport may have noticed big news around Miami when David Beckham bought the local football team. However more recently and more relevant to us, Miami was host to the annual ‘Going Global’ … Continued