We’re Seeking a Chair for the Quality Committee of the SCQF Partnership


The SCQF Partnership is looking for a new Quality Committee Chair to succeed Dr Ray Harris when he demits office in March 2017.

The SCQFP Quality Committee is a vital Committee of the SCQF Partnership responsible to the Board for the maintenance of the quality assurance and integrity of the Framework. The Chair has to be seen as a neutral advocate for the SCQF capable of providing an independence in matters relating to Credit Rating Bodies.  With that in mind the Chair cannot be currently employed by an existing Credit Rating Body.

The Chair of the SCQF Quality Committee is appointed by the SCQF Partnership Board and as part of that process will also become a co-opted Director of the Board in order that they can contribute to the full discussion of the business of the organisation as a whole.  Appointment would normally be for a period of four years in the first instance.

Applications now closed.

Interviews to be held Friday 3 March 2017

Commencement of appointment 1 April 2017

More information on the role of the Quality Committee and the Chair can be found here.


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