Comparing the changing Scottish qualifications across the years

By Anthony O’Reilly, Project Officer SCQF Partnership.

Got your ‘O’ Grade in the ‘70’s?  So you’re either an ageing Glam rocker or a Punk.  Nothing ordinary about that!  But do you know what your qualification from way back then is comparable with today?

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You should check out our “Old Vs New” resource on the SCQF website.

It’s a timeline showing  Scottish National Qualifications and their approximate  SCQF levels from the 1960’s through to the present day.

For those of us lost in the fog of qualifications past and present this handy little table shows how current and old qualifications relate to one another in terms of their SCQF level. The SCQF level of a qualification provides a way of comparing how demanding or difficult the learning involved in achieving a qualification is. This table can be used by anybody with a need to understand National Qualifications (normally awarded at school).

Great if you’re an employer recruiting across a wide age range, or a parent trying to work out where your own qualification sits alongside those offered today in schools.

For more information on the Old Vs New resource or to order copies for your work place please contact us on

More information on current qualifications can be found by visiting the SQA website as well at

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