QAMOrganisations that develop qualifications and learning programmes that include assessment can apply to become a Credit Rating Body (CRB). The first step in the application process is to speak to a member of staff at the SCQF Partnership to indicate your interest and have some initial discussion regarding the process.

A Credit Rating Body has to be able to demonstrate that it meets the 3 approval criteria:

1. Is a body of good standing
2. Has robust quality assurance systems in place
3. Has the capacity and commitment to carry out credit rating for the SCQF

The full criteria and details of the approval process can be found in the Quality Assurance Model.

There is a charge for the approval process which currently is £9000 (2016). This cost is reviewed annually.

Please note that the application process normally takes at least 6 months and may take longer depending on circumstances.

Further information and details of the application criteria for becoming a CRB can be found in the Quality Assurance Model.

Ongoing Quality Assurance of CRBs

All CRBs are subject to monitoring of their SCQF credit rating processes and systems.

For universities and other higher education institutions which have credit rated provision, this is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and will form part of their overall monitoring processes of quality assurance generally.

For colleges with credit rated provision, monitoring is carried out by Education Scotland as part of their ongoing monitoring of quality assurance in colleges.

For SCQFP approved CRBs, the SCQF Partnership conducts an annual monitoring process and a four yearly periodic review. A fee is charged for the periodic review which currently stands at £3,000 plus review team subsistence costs. This fee will be reviewed annually.

Application to credit rate learning programmes owned by third party organisations

Third party organisations include employers, voluntary agencies, local authorities, NHS authorities and other similar bodies which may have developed their own learning programmes and be seeking to have them credit rated onto the SCQF. All HEIs, colleges and SQA can credit rate the provision of third parties.

SCQF-approved CRBs may apply to the SCQF Partnership for approval to credit rate provision owned by a third party organisation. There is a separate application process for this, with an associated fee of £1,000. This fee is reviewed annually.

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