Developing the SCQF School Ambassador Programme

In 2015/16 the SCQF Partnership launched its School Ambassador Programme with the aim of identifying and confirming SCQF Ambassadors in schools to raise awareness and understanding of the SCQF as well as promoting its use among learners, school staff and parents. A successful programme ensures the impact of the Framework is maximised, that it is perceived as a vital tool for progression and that the benefits of the Framework are being communicated to learners across all schools.

Six schools were initially approached, all of whom were extremely keen to take part. After training and as part of the package to schools, both plaques and badges were awarded to:

In the latest phase of the programme; 2016-17 we have developed a Memorandum of Understanding which makes it clear what is expected of participating schools and what support they will receive.

In summary the Partnership will:

  • Deliver an initial training session for participants;
  • Present trained ambassadors with a “SCQF School Ambassador” Certificate, Ambassadors badge and an Ambassadors Resource Pack containing exemplars of materials required to deliver on-site sessions.
  • Support Ambassadors by providing all the necessary resources to deliver training sessions in schools including lesson plans, case studies, presentations and associated materials;
  • Provide opportunities for schools to participate in “real life” projects such as developing web pages and toolkits for the SCQF website and in designing promotional materials;
  • Provide opportunities for staff and pupils of the school to be involved in events which showcase the different ways in which the SCQF can be used;
  • Provide opportunities to engage in SCQF related competitions;
  • Provide opportunities for pupil work experience within the SCQFP office in Glasgow

Schools signing up for the programme will:

  • Undertake the initial training at the SCQFP office in Glasgow or an appropriate regional venue;
  • Cascade this training to other staff members and appropriate school pupils;
  • Ensure SCQF is highlighted on the school’s website and has a prominent place at Parent’s Evenings/events;
  • Engage with SCQFP via social media;
  • Ensure SCQF leaflets/newsletters/promotional materials are endorsed at school events;
  • Utilise SCQFfold, the SCQF on-line toolkit;
  • Promote short training sessions on SCQF delivered by staff for parents;
  • Promote short training sessions on SCQF delivered by senior phase pupils for younger pupils and for parents

Benefits for participating schools could include:

  • A ceremony at the school to award a plaque. This can raise awareness and act as a good promotional activity for the school;
  • A heightened profile for the school and acknowledgement of sharing good practice;
  • Opportunities for staff development through training for nominated Ambassadors;
  • A set of dedicated resources to allow ambassadors to deliver in-house events;
  • The opportunity to participate in real life projects such as developing web pages and toolkits for the SCQF website, designing promotional materials and taking part in school competitions which will further promote the Framework;
  • A better awareness of how to use the framework for pupils to plan their learning journey and make decisions about future learning;
  • Resources to help Parents understand the importance of the SCQF;
  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem for pupils involved in the programme;

There has been great interest in the programme and we have now added the following schools as new Ambassadors:

We are currently in the process of agreeing training dates with a number of other schools and are actively seeking to speak with interested schools across Scotland.

Quotes from current Ambassadors:

Was the training useful?

“Yes. The training provided time to find out more about the Framework and review the documentation, showing how it applies to multiple educational pathways, not just the traditional routes. The Gordon Schools, Huntly

“We found it very insightful and interesting and the resources you provided gave us a lot of great ideas to increase pupil and staff involvement but also to enhance parental engagement as well.” Webster’s High School, Kirriemuir

“Yes. We were delighted to become an Ambassador school and all of our Principal Teachers of Guidance and some Curricular PTs were trained.” Bearsden Academy

“I found the SCQF training very informative and would recommend it to other schools. It gave staff the confidence to describe levels of courses to parents and was particularly useful for measuring the attainment of students transferring from schools in other parts of the UK.” Taylor High School

Did it help raise awareness of the benefits of SCQF?

“The training was exceptionally helpful in raising awareness and developing current knowledge of the benefits of the SCQF and gave us  lots of ideas to cascade to Faculties and other staff members who have all shown such enthusiasm that we are in discussion about lots of the awards on offer and new ones we can bring in.  We have also used the training and the information to help us develop our whole school learner’s pathway” Webster’s High School, Kirriemuir

“It will. We are already building SCQF training into our curricular and staff CPD offerings for session 17/18.” The Gordon Schools, Huntly

“We had already been sharing the SCQF framework with senior pupils and parents in relation to pathways from school and levels of accreditation but it has been great to broaden this to include focus on Wider Achievement and lifelong learning. We are now sharing this with all pupils and parents at school events and parents’ evenings. We have also been keen to develop pupils’ awareness and understanding through PSE and the case studies have been used to develop activities for PSE lessons.” Bearsden Academy

Would you recommend it to other schools?

“Definitely. It will certainly enable us to challenge traditional pathway thinking when planning our future curriculum, leaving us more open to introducing alternative learning journeys, specific to the needs of the modern pupil.” Webster’s High School, Kirriemuir

“We would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to other schools without any hesitation.” The Gordon Schools, Huntly

‘The SCQF Ambassador Training provided an opportunity to reflect on our current practice and to think about courses we can provide for candidates in the future. We would recommend the training to colleagues in other secondary schools and we are looking forward to developing our young people as SCQF ambassadors in the future’. Stewarton Academy

To register your interest in the Ambassador Programme please contact Brian on or telephone 0141 225 2926.


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