The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) aims to give people greater control over their individual learning experiences and make it more attractive to move between different countries and different learning


environments. The system aims to facilitate the validation, recognition and accumulation of work-related skills and knowledge acquired during a stay in another country or in different situations. It should ensure that these experiences contribute to

vocational qualifications.

In ECVET, an individual’s learning outcomes are assessed and validated in order to transfer credits from one qualification system to another, or from one learning “pathway” to another. According to this approach, learners can accumulate the required learning outcomes for a given qualification over time, in different countries or in different situations. The European Commission is developing an ECVET users’ guide, and is establishing a European ECVET users’ group and a European ECVET network.

EU Member States should ensure that all relevant qualifications and related Europass documents issued by national or regional authorities contain clear information related to the use of ECVET.

Several projects focusing on the development and promotion of ECVET are being developed in different sectors (including automobile service, care, construction, chemistry, tourism, and international trade), funded by the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci Programme for vocational training.

A UK national team of ECVET experts has been established. This team of 13 experts from across the UK are working to raise awareness and understanding of ECVET and to begin the move to a practical understanding of ECVET. This project began in January 2012 and will produce support, guidance and promotional materials. Further information on the project is available at the ECVET Experts website.

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