The SCQF is now included on Scottish Qualifications certificates. This can provide an introduction to the levels of learning on the framework.

Knowing the level of learning undertaken can help build confidence in learning ability. All learners, including young people, adult and returning learners can be shown how to use the Framework to identify the level of learning gained through various experiences. They can also be shown how the SCQF can help with planning their future learning. The SCQF can help them to:

  • choose how to move forward in their learning
  • understand less familiar qualifications
  • recognise other areas of learning that may contribute to personal development

Programmes of learning from informal settings may already have been SCQF credit rated or may be suitable for this process. Some learning programmes that you may have heard of that are already on the Framework include:

  • ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
  • Youthlink Participative Democracy
  • City & Guilds Certificate in Retail Principles
  • Youth Scotland Youth Achievement Awards

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