Parents and carers may already have noticed the SCQF included on a young person’s Scottish Qualifications certificate. As a parent or carer, they may want to know what the Framework is, what it means and how it can be used to ensure the best possible learning experiences for young people. Schools and learning communities can help parents and carers to understand the SCQF so that they in turn can help young people to:

  • choose how they move forward in their learning
  • understand less familiar qualifications
  • recognise other areas of learning that may contribute to their personal development and goals for the future

Positive and Sustained Destinations 16+ Learning Choices Schools work toward positive and sustained destinations for all their young people. The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework helps young people to access and plan their education and training to meet their full potential while at school and while planning transition from school to further learning. 16+ Learning Choices supports the planning and delivery of a coherent and inclusive curriculum in the senior phase, irrespective of the setting, the Framework provides a visual stimulus for this journey supporting young people and their parents to make good decisions.

Employability Young people who can articulate their progress and achievements in school are better placed to present themselves in a confident and articulate manner at interviews and discussions about their future learning opportunities. By showing how different types of qualifications relate to each other and how they can contribute to improving skills and knowledge the Framework helps young people to map out their journey through learning, making connections and increasing their confidence in their own learning. Confident young people with focused ambitions can present a robust CV.

Raising Attainment The Framework supports parity of esteem by articulating the various routes through learning. Young people are motivated by appreciating the level at which they are learning in relation to their peers and the targets and ambitions they have set for themselves.

Curriculum for Excellence The Framework embraces the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence in particular it helps young people to develop as responsible citizens through making informed choices and decisions.

The following outcome directly relates to this. ‘Based on my interests, skills, strengths and preferences, I am supported to make suitable, realistic and informed choices, set manageable goals and plan for my further transitions.’ HWB 4-19a

Skills for Learning, Life and Work The Framework supports personal learning planning and career management skills Building the Curriculum 3 – A Framework for Learning and Teaching states: “Learning, teaching and assessment should be designed in ways that reflect the way different learners progress to motivate and encourage their learning. To support this, all learners should be involved in planning and reflecting on their own learning through formative assessment, self- and peer-evaluation and personal learning planning.”

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