Glasgow_KelvinBackground to the college

Glasgow Kelvin College was formed by the merger of John Wheatley, North Glasgow and Stow colleges in November 2013. Glasgow Kelvin College’s ethos derives from its commitment to Excellence, Progression and Enterprise. It seeks to provide learning opportunities of the highest quality, which engage learners from the widest range of backgrounds, and support their progression to employment or to further study. It seeks to develop enterprise in individuals by developing the capacity of both employers and employees and of community representatives.

The range of courses available at Glasgow Kelvin is designed to meet the needs of learners of all ages and all levels of ability from introductory tasters and National Qualifications, through Higher Nationals, right up to degree level qualifications.

Background to the project

The 2014 -15 College Credit Rating (CCR) project aimed to achieve three outcomes for SCQF Partnership in its role of supporting Credit Rating Bodies within the college sector:

• to help overcome any perceived barriers to credit rating within colleges and to embed credit rating within formal quality assurance structures of the new regional colleges;

• to increase in a coherent way the amount of credit rated provision on the Framework; and most importantly

• the building of sustainability in credit rating within regional structures in Scotland.

Can you describe an example of the project in action?

Glasgow Kelvin College is currently involved in a music based project: Musicreates.

The project is funded through a European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Partnership bid, with project partners coming from Ireland, Finland and Estonia.

The programme seeks to enhance the vocational education and professional skills of participants by improving their understanding of cultural needs in a Europe wide context.

This is facilitated by learners from all locations coming together to participate in workshops and live events. Tuition and mentoring is by staff from all partners, including a Working Life Partner (currently Gla_KelvinFinnish), who provides business oriented input in the form of additional workshops.

As part of the funding criteria, during the mobility activity, assessment is carried out by tutors from the partner schools, across mixed cohorts, in accordance with European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training: (ECVET) procedures.

Although this programme was Music focused the college developed a unit that is content free to allow the credit rated activity to be subject independent.

The Student Mobility unit was designed and developed to give recognition to Further Education (FE) students participating in EU exchange programmes and to support any pan-European learner exchange project.

Why did you decide to apply to participate in the SCQF college credit rating project?

The college decided to embark on the application to credit rate a mobility unit for students undertaking a period of European mobility and also establish a credit rating team and process to create a sustainable service for Glasgow Kelvin College.

How has having your learning programme SCQF credit rated benefited your learners and your organisation?

The college felt that having an SCQF credit rating for this unit would give learners a portfolio that improves their employability on a European level and can also provide evidence that could be used towards individual Awarding Body qualifications.

The college has now developed a series of credit rating tools and templates to ensure staff can access the opportunity to ensure learners are enrolled on credit rated units. Staff at all levels are involved in the credit rating process and this has grown an interest across the college. Staff are keen to be part of the credit rating team as Continued Professional Development.

What future plans do you have for further programmes to be credit rated onto the SCQF?

The college now plans to credit rate a number of courses and the success of this project and the processes developed will help us to grow our SCQF offering across the college

For more information on the benefits of having your learning programmes credit rated, email or call us on 0845 270 7371.

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