Jane’s Background

I am 18 years old. I left school aged 15 to have my baby daughter, Sophia, and had my second child, George, aged 17. I love being a mum, but the demands of raising a young family as a single mum have been challenging. Both children are currently in foster care and my main priority is to have my kids living with me again.

Describe your learning journey and explain how the SCQF has helped you realise your ambitions

I did not have a good experience at school as I was bullied, but did achieve two Intermediate 1 qualifications at SCQF Level 4 & an Access 3 qualification (SCQF Level 3).

I was referred to Rathbone in Perth by the Job Centre who thought I would benefit from the OneLife programme that the organisation runs there. The 13-week OneLife programme is at SCQF level 3 with 16 credit points and it sets young people (12-24) on a pathway to gain skills, confidence and facts to run their lives and make positive lifestyle choices.

I am hopeful that once I have completed the OneLife programme I will be able to demonstrate that I have the necessary parental skills to care for my children independently.

What are your hopes for the future?

I have applied to the Gateway to Science course at SCQF level 5 at Perth College and, once completed, would like to progress to the Access to Nursing NQ to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse. I believe that I am now on my way to having full care of my children and fulfilling my career ambitions. It has been a challenging journey for me but I have learned loads along the way.    

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