Lisa’s Background

I left school at 16 and went straight into a Modern Apprenticeship (MA) in Business Admin and IT. This was my first insight into the business sector, and I realised I had a real flair for it. During my MA I achieved two SVQs, and then at 18 became pregnant with my little boy, Aiden, and had to juggle working life with the demands of learning to raise a baby.

Describe your learning journey and explain how the SCQF has helped you realise your ambitions

My education took a back seat for 5 years while I worked to support my young child and became carer to older family members.

I decided to get back into learning at the age of 23 and successfully applied for a distance learning course to achieve my SCQF level 7 in Administration. This led on to me achieving a level 8 HND in Business.

I wanted to keep pushing myself and used SCQF credit transfer to secure entry into a 3rd year International Business and Human Resources course at Glasgow Caledonian University.

University had always seemed like an impossible dream to me, but in 2018 I will graduate with an SCQF level 10 honours degree.

What are your hopes for the future?

After graduation I would like to pursue a successful career in business, but one day hope to complete my learning journey and progress to the top of the Framework, achieving an SCQF level 12 Doctoral Degree!

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