The SCQF Partnership is involved in a variety of projects and events relating to educational and national framework developments in Europe and across the world.Euro_International600x400

  • International interest in the SCQF as a well established national framework continues and annually we are requested to host a number of visits by educators and framework experts from across Europe.
  • The SCQF Partnership has been approached by Government Departments and statutory agencies in a number of countries for support on Framework projects. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer various services on a costed basis to interested parties in Europe and internationally.
  • The Qualifications Frameworks across the UK, along with the QF for the Republic of Ireland have updated their popular leaflet, Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries, to show the relationship of each Framework to the EQF.
  • The Qualifications Frameworks across the UK have worked collaboratively to produce a leaflet describing the European VET initiatives. This publication will help learners and employers understand what initiatives and tools are available and how they can help to encourage and facilitate mobility amongst workers and learners in Europe.
  • The UK Qualifications Frameworks have also worked together to produce a summary report on the current European VET initiatives and how these are being taken forward in the UK. 

The European VET initiatives are being implemented in the four administrations of the UK and this presents a serious challenge for coordinating activities and presenting coherent information to the users of the initiatives. For these reasons a UK Coordination group for EU VET initiatives was established which brings together the coordinators of the initiatives and their government counterparts for exchanging information. This group plays a major role in ensuring that, from a user perspective as well as a policy perspective, the synergies between these initiatives is optimised and communicated.

For information on what the European VET initiatives are and how they interact the UK EQF National Co-ordination Points (NCPs) have worked collaboratively to produce a user friendly:

The UK and Ireland qualifications regulators, quality assurance agencies and bodies responsible for UK Qualification Frameworks have updated their popular leaflet, Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries to show the relationship of each Framework to the EQF.

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