In 2011, the SCQF Partnership embarked upon the first year of a three-year research project to gain a comprehensive overview of the impact, understanding and use of the SCQF across all sectors.

The first year of research focused on HE, FE and training providers and was undertaken by Kerson Associates. The report and recommendations were published in July 2012 along with responses to each of those recommendations from key partners.

The second stage of the project was undertaken in 2013-14 by Ashbrook Research and Consultancy and was conducted with two key groups: management and teaching staff in schools and also learners across all sectors – Higher and Further Education, schools, workplaces and community learning and development.

The Ashbrook report was published in July 2013.

For year three of the research programme the focus shifted to employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We wanted to evaluate awareness, perceptions and understanding of the Framework across a broad spectrum of employers and employment types.

At the same time we wanted to revisit the work carried out in 2010-2011 which looked at the impact the SCQF was making among Training Providers and analyse how embedding the Framework in that area has progressed. Once again Kerson Associates were appointed to carry out the research.

This final piece of research completed the picture of the impact the Framework was making across education, training and employment sectors throughout Scotland. It also gave us a clear indication of the level of understanding and use of the Framework in a wide range of learning communities and settings allowing us to strategically plan ahead and ensure the tools and resources we developed continued to be fit for purpose.

We were lucky enough to gain further funding from the Scottish Funding Council which enabled us to repeat the three year cycle. Therefore we revisited HE and FE partners to examine the distance travelled since the publication of the Kerson Report in 2012 .

The study sought to evaluate the extent, nature and impact the SCQF is now having in HEIs and Colleges, including changes to the practice of credit transfer and current levels of understanding and awareness of the Framework among individuals in these sectors.

The study gathered views from a range of staff in HEIs and Colleges along with key stakeholder organisations and made a series of Recommendations for the SCQF Executive Team and Partners. The full report is now available in the links below.

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