RPLforEducation600x400Many staff within education providers will be familiar with processing claims for credit transfer where learners may have previously gained formal qualifications which they wish to use towards a further qualification.  Staff may be less familiar with the processes involved when learners come with non-formal and informal learning which they wish to use towards a further qualification.

In collaboration with the SCQF RPL Network and other stakeholders, we have developed an RPL Toolkit for use by learning and training providers, employers and human resource personnel. It contains a detailed explanation of RPL, how it fits with the SCQF, explains the process for organisations and provides a number of activities to support facilitators working with learners. Hard copies are available upon request or you can download a copy.

The SCQF Partnership offers two different workshops on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The first is specifically aimed at staff supporting learners in preparing to make a claim for RPL and the focus will be on the support learners need to present a successful claim to an organisation. The second is specifically for staff in colleges and universities who receive and assess RPL claims from learners and will focus on the setting up of internal systems to process claims for RPL and the support that may be needed for learners within that system.

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