Adult Ed - Study PartnersRPL helps learners to:

  • think about the learning they have already achieved and plan how to build on this learning to meet their personal and career goals
  • get a place on a programme at a college or university or learning and training provider, if they don’t have the normal entry qualifications but can show that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding
  • gain credit towards a qualification to shorten the normal period of learning by evidencing that they already have the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for particular parts of the programme or qualification (e.g. units or modules)
  • increase their self-esteem by recognising their achievements in learning
  • plan their career development and educational path
  • identify areas of competence and areas requiring further study.

RPL can help people to consider their options and make decisions about the direction they want to take. The experience of using RPL benefits learners in the following ways:

  • learners have the opportunity to reflect on what they have achieved so far through their experiences in terms of their learning and skills
  • learners think about their goals and what they need to do in order to achieve them: e.g. do a training course, pursue a vocational award, join an educational programme at college or university or other learning and training provider, apply for, or change, jobs
  • it also helps to build confidence enabling learners to identify the learning they have gained through experience, recognise their strengths and value their achievements.