Ashbrook Report

Evaluations of the awareness, perceptions and understanding of the SCQF amongst learners and the understanding, awareness and perceptions of the Framework amongst management and teaching staff in schools.  


Criteria Explained

This Information should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Handbook: User Guide which is a technical document that describes the key features and technicalities of the Framework along with approaches that should be followed in its implementation.


Database Guidance Document

The SCQF Partnership has produced this guidance document to provide information on how CRBs can add new qualifications or learning programmes to the database and view and edit their own qualifications or learning programmes that are already on the database.

DYW Diagram_2

DYW Diagram

A diagram which highlights how the SCQF supports the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) agenda. Contact us to order print copies.


European VET Initiatives in the UK

This document updates the publication “European VET Initiatives in the UK: What are they and how do they interact?” which was published by the UK EQF National Coordination Points in 2014. The field of VET is always evolving to better … Continued