DYW Diagram_2

DYW Diagram

A diagram which highlights how the SCQF supports the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) agenda. Contact us to order print copies.


Employer Levelling Tool (Part Three)

This Levelling Tool is designed to support the allocation of an SCQF level to a job role and to give an indication of the level of knowledge and skills which a job holder at that level may require.

Employer Toolkit Part 1 - FINAL (web file) - August 2013_Page_01

Employer Toolkit: Part One

This short guide – the first of two – aims to support employers in using the SCQF and explains how it can help them understand and describe the skills they need – by enabling them to write effective person specifications, … Continued


European VET Initiatives in the UK

This document updates the publication “European VET Initiatives in the UK: What are they and how do they interact?” which was published by the UK EQF National Coordination Points in 2014. The field of VET is always evolving to better … Continued


Old Vs New

This table shows how current and old qualifications relate to one another in terms of their SCQF level. (Get in touch to order your supplies)