Revised Employer Guide – Maximise Workforce Potential!

We have recently revised and updated our guidance for employers. The themes of understanding how the SCQF can help with recruitment and development of the workforce from the two How to… guides that were developed in 2013 have been retained, but the information has been rewritten and is provided in just one handy guide. The revised version is much more process driven and incorporates exercises on job levelling and person specifications to really help employers understand the best way to go about these tasks for their organisation. The publication, entitled Maximise Workforce Potential, also contains a third section that outlines how employers can have their in-house training recognised by the SCQF, known as credit rating, so there really is something for every employer, large or small, in the new Guide.

The Guide is complemented by the Employer Levelling Tool, which has also been updated. The Tool translates SCQF levels into representative tasks and responsibilities in the workplace, and outlines some of the skills which may be required at each level (2-12). It is designed to support employers to allocate an SCQF level to job roles within their organisation and provide a starting point for thinking about the skills their employees may need.

Both publications are available in hard copy and to download from the Employer section of our website.

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