Poland: This support has been ongoing since 2012 and we continue to be an active partner in ongoing Erasmus+ project activity. We provided a formal role as an international expert in relation to the EQF referencing report, sharing practice from Scotland and noting best practice from there. The report went to the European Commission in May 2013 and was launched by the Polish Government in July 2013. SCQF Partnership Chief Executive Officer, Aileen Ponton spoke at the launch. In addition to this formal role we have also provided bespoke support. This has included running hands on workshops on credit rating, hosting two teams of Polish journalists, organising a visit to the Scottish Qualifications Authority and to two different colleges. We have also presented at a Polish conference on NQF’s as a tool for personal and labour market development and highlighted our work on employer engagement.

Hong Kong: CEO, Aileen Ponton was a Council member of the HKCAAVQ from 2009-2015. We signed an MOU with the Government of HKSAR in March 2012 which was witnessed by the Minister in Parliament. As a result of that we also agreed to run a joint conference on credit transfer, articulation and progression and their place within a Qualifications Framework. This conference was held in March 2013 and was attended by Sir Andrew Cubie, Dr Janet Brown, Aileen Ponton and Julie Cavanagh. There were over 500 delegates on Day 1 and over 300 on Day 2 and considerable interest expressed in the Scottish approach. 

Since then we have provided, under contract, a project to help the QFS develop tools to measure impact of their framework and most recently we completed a formal referencing of the HKQF to the SCQF in 2017.

Bahrain: We have acted as an international expert for an SQA led project in Bahrain. The project aimed to assist in the developing of a National Qualifications Framework for Bahrain (NQF). We were a member of the Referencing Working Group looking at the possibility of referencing the Bahrain NQF to the SCQF.

We also provided, under contract, consultancy to develop processes for the alignment of non-Bahrain qualifications, to the BQF in 2017.