The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership promotes lifelong learning in Scotland. Through the Framework (see interactive diagram) you can gain a better understanding of qualifications in Scotland and plan your future learning.

The Framework supports everyone in Scotland, including learners, learning providers and employers, by:

  • helping people of all ages and circumstances access appropriate education and training so they can meet their full potential;
  • helping employers, learners and the general public to understand the full range of Scottish qualifications, how qualifications relate to each other and to other forms of learning, and how different types of qualification can contribute to improving the skills of the workforce.


– Helps learners decide how to progress their learning;

– Helps individuals understand qualifications they are not familiar with;

– Helps employers understand different types of qualifications and also supports effective workforce development;

– Helps education and training providers of all kinds to identify the level that has been studied in a particular subject and make it easier to transfer credit points between different learning programmes; and

– Provides recognition of a very wide range of learning types.

How does it work?

By using two measures, the level of a qualification or learning programme and the number of credit points awarded, the Framework helps you understand and compare the various Scottish qualifications. The level of a qualification indicates the level of difficulty and the number of credit points indicates the length of time it takes to complete. One SCQF credit point represents an average of 10 hours of learning time.

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