The SCQF and Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Did you know that Skills Development Scotland’s annual Scottish Apprenticeship Week is from 6-10 March 2017? As the National Day Calendar informs me, it also happens to be National Procrastination Week (assuming they don’t put it off!)

Now, we’re all friends here: let’s concede that everybody procrastinates sometimes – never at work though, honest! But a national holiday to celebrate this unhealthy habit maybe isn’t such a great idea. Thankfully, Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a much worthier cause, as it seeks to showcase the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship in Scotland.

The SCQF recognises and supports Scottish apprenticeships by highlighting that they enjoy parity of esteem with academic qualifications. For example, a Modern Apprenticeship in Business and Administration at SCQF Level 6 is considered comparable to a Higher.


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Apprenticeships have huge value in that they provide learners with much-needed experience in the workplace, enabling a smooth transition into the world of work. In a competitive job-market arguably oversaturated with candidates possessing ‘traditional’ academic qualifications, an apprentice can really stand out from the crowd!

The SCQF can help employers to better understand apprenticeships, and indeed thousands of other qualifications in Scotland.

When recruiting, many employers include the almost ubiquitous phrase ‘Degree or Equivalent required’ in their job adverts – but many don’t really know what they mean by ‘Equivalent’. Some employers won’t realise that, for example, a Technical Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 9 is comparable in terms of difficulty to an Ordinary Degree from a Scottish university.

The SCQF can help you find the right person for the job, and just maybe that person will have completed a Scottish apprenticeship or another vocational qualification.

Calling all employers! In the spirit of Scottish Apprenticeship Week and in spite of National Procrastination Week, don’t delay: start getting to know the SCQF today and think about hiring an apprentice!

You can find out more about Scottish Apprenticeships and #ScotMAWeek17 at

Blog post by Ross Crawford SCQF Partnership Officer

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