The SCQF Database – A snapshot in time or a work in progress?

By Sheila Dunn, Head of Quality and International Development at the SCQF Partnership

The new look SCQF database has been launched and I hope those of you who have tried it like the improvements we’ve made.  It’s been a long process and it’s not finished yet!  Just when we think we’re finished we have another idea for improving, linking or analysing the data.

If you’ve not used it in a while, please do give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The content is updating daily as more programmes are credit rated and included onto the SCQF.Database Stat

Why would you want to look at our database? 

Well, it has information about more than 11,500 qualifications and learning programmes that are on the SCQF.  You can search these by level, subject area, programme owner, credit rating body and even search by keyword.  If you want to search for all the engineering programmes between SCQF levels 6 and 8 or all the credit rated programmes on boatbuilding you can do this as well.  A useful tool for the curriculum planner!


If you are a learner you can check if your qualifications are on our database to see what level and how many SCQF credit points you have.

Our next stage is to link our database to the European Learning Opportunities and Qualifications in Europe Portal.  This will allow you to access the framework databases of other European Countries through our database.  So if you are an employer or admissions officer trying to compare qualifications of interview candidates and learners to Scottish qualifications this will help you in this comparison!

access our database

You don’t need a password to access our database, and you can access it directly from the front page of our website.  If you think there is something you would like it to do that it doesn’t at the moment then please let us know.  We are establishing a steering group to take forward the database developments. If you would like to join that group and shape the future of the database we would love to hear from you. Get in touch via

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