As previously explained, this guide attempts to set out information on the recognition of prior learning (RPL) in a way which is simple to understand and relevant to your needs. To be able to do this the guide asks you to make a number of choices before giving you tailored information about the type of RPL you are considering, or are interested in. You will probably have a goal in mind if you are considering RPL; for example you may want to gain exemption from aspects of a course you are applying for, or gain access to a particular qualification. However, as well as being clear about your goal you need to also think about some other considerations that will have an impact on whether RPL is likely to be available to you, and also how it might be carried out.

To make these choices you need to understand two things:

1.    The type of learning you are interested in having recognised.
2.    What type of recognition you are asking for.

The guide gives you four options to choose from when defining the type of learning that you are interested in having recognised. The information within the tool should provide you with enough insight to group your learning into one of these and select the most appropriate option. Once you are clear on the type of learning you want to have recognised you can go on to choose the type of recognition you are seeking.

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