My Learning Journey, Introduction

An introduction to our 'My Learning Journey' series which highlights how the SCQF supports all learners in Scotland.

My Learning Journey, Jon

Jon is an Orthopaedic nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He knew nothing about the SCQF until he applied for an access to nursing course. Here's his story...

My Learning Journey, Steven

Steven left full-time employment to follow his dream of becoming a Electrical Electronic Engineer find out how the SCQF supported his learning journey.

Planning your learning journey with the SCQF

Using the Scottish and Credit Qualifications Framework, it's simple to plan your learning journey. Discover how the SCQF can support your learning choices.

My Learning Journey, Anna

Anna left school with no qualifications, she was disengaged and suffered low self esteem. Discover how Anna gained confidence, built a successful career and developed her own training course for young people credit rated at SCQF Level 6 (comparable with a higher).

My Learning Journey, Amanda

Amanda received conditional offers for University but failed her exams due to nerves. Watch to see the alternate path she has taken using the SCQF to achieve her ambitions.

My Learning Journey, Jane

Jane has two children currently in foster care. She takes part in the 'One Life' programme (an employability programme at SCQF Level 3) via the voluntary youth charity Rathbone. Now, Jane is on track to achieve her main goal in life and realise her career ambitions.

My Learning Journey, Lisa

Find out about Lisa and her learning journey from modern apprentice to university. Lisa used the SCQF and credit transfer to pursue her goal of studying an International Business Degree at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Modern Apprenticeship and the SCQF: Jonathan’s story

Watch this short video to find out more about Jonathans year as an apprentice and how the SCQF has helped his learning journey so far.

SCQF: An Unexpected Journey

A celebratory film detailing the milestones of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership.