Rathbone is a UK wide voluntary youth sector organisation which provides opportunities for young people to transform their life circumstances by re-engaging with learning.

The ‘OneLife’ programme sets Young People (12-19) on a pathway to gain skills, confidence and facts to run their lives and make positive lifestyle choices. The programme is a diverse portfolio aimed to be the building blocks of skills which assist young people to make a successful transition to adulthood; OneBody; OneChild; OneTime; OneLearner; OneCitizen; OneHome; OneDrink; OneLove. The programme is Credit Rated at Level 3 on the SCQF and carries 16 credit points. The course was Credit Rated by SQA Credit Rating Service

In this clip, Barbara Hastings and Sarah McKenzie speak about the work of Rathbone and how recognition of the One Life programme on the SCQF can benefit young people.

SCQF Database entry: Rathbone OneLife