When a SCQF seminar becomes a SCQEMINAR…?

By Anthony O’Reilly, Development Officer at SCQF Partnership

Anthony Headshot - Aug 2014 (web) 2I was deeply saddened to hear of the recent demise of Brangelina.  But that’s because I love a good portmanteau word. For me they are often more evocative than the individual words they morph; smog (smoke and fog), or brunch, (breakfast and lunch). Linguistically, a portmanteau can be a joy when you need to be economical with words.  These days you can have a labradoodle as a pet, watch a biopic or a rocumentary, drink a mocktail or a frappucino, study avionics and mechatronics, have a bromance and chillax.

And yet there are some words and phrases that just cannot be shoehorned into a portmanteau.  Consider the SCQF and its associated nomenclature; in the portmanteau world the Level Descriptors become “Leviptors”.  Credit Rating mutates into “Crating” and Credit Rating Bodies unnervingly transform into “Crodies”.

Levels and Credits become “Levits” and Quality and Integrity rather nicely becomes “Quintegrity”.

And what about the SCQF itself?  Is the strapline “Your learning sorted” up there with “Vorsprung durch technik”, “Every Little Helps” and “Because You’re Worth It”?  Word has it that our recently retired Chair, Sir Andrew Cubie still keeps a bottle of champagne on ice for anyone who can come up with a better title for our national qualifications framework.

But if all this talk of nomenclature, terminology and the SCQF means little to you, and if you are involved in providing education, teaching and training but not based in a traditional education setting, help is at hand!   We have developed an “Introduction to the SCQF”, a tailored one-day programme specifically for a Scottish audience designed to give participants a comprehensive overview of the SCQF and an insight into the formal education system in Scotland.  You can find the details here: http://scqf.org.uk/event/open-info-day/ and there are still some places available. If you’re on a staycation you can come in your jeggings!

Chances are we won’t be using many portmanteau words at this event.  Maybe SCQF is beyond a portmanteau.  Why not come along on 15 November to find out?

In the meantime I can only guesstimate what happened to Brangelina but I can draw comfort from the fact that Blogs and Brexit will be around for some time yet!

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