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The qualifications landscape in Scotland can sometimes seem confusing, but the SCQF is an indispensable guide that allows us all to navigate with confidence. Many employers will be aware that from 2014 the SQA replaced the old Standard Grades with National Qualifications at levels 3, 4, and 5. This has perhaps caused some uncertainty for employers recruiting across a wide age range, as they struggle to understand how these new qualifications relate to those previous. Fear not, the SCQF comes to the rescue! Resources like our ‘Old Vs New’ leaflet show how SQA qualifications have changed from the 1960s to the present day.

Workshop‘SCQF: More Than Just Qualifications’ on 10 November is an introductory workshop for employers and HR/Recruitment professionals who want to find out more about the SCQF and how it can support their organisation.

As its title suggests, this workshop will also emphasise that the SCQF can offer more for employers beyond providing a better understanding of Scottish qualifications – we can also help you to improve your internal workplace processes, from recruitment to workforce development. As an added incentive to attend (as if one was needed), a free lunch is also included with this workshop: how could you resist?!

Our second workshop, ‘The Uses and Benefits of the SCQF Employer Tools’ on 17 November , expands upon the previous by further exploring our employer-specific tools: the How To guides and Levelling Tool.

Recruitment is a key challenge for employers of all different shapes and sizes. For SMEs or micro businesses, writing job descriptions can be a difficult process, especially when doing it for the first time. Our How To: Recruitment guide and Levelling Tool together provide a useful starting point, allowing you to clearly and confidently describe the skills and competencies required to fulfil a job role. Even for larger employers, recruitment is a tricky proposition: a recent study has shown that unclear job descriptions deter 20% of candidates from applying for a job. Just think, within that 20% could be the ideal individual for the job! Getting recruitment wrong wastes valuable time, and as we all know, time costs money. We can help you to write a clear job description, which will greatly increase your chances of attracting the person with the skills you need.

This workshop will also shed light on other important issues for employers and HR/Recruitment professionals, such as workforce development. We will explore the benefits of undertaking a skills audit, allowing you to identify and address any skills gaps within your organisation. It will also highlight how we can support your organisation through the process of having your in-house training recognised on the SCQF. This ensures that the learning and training achieved by an employee in the workplace is properly recognised with a qualification, potentially improving staff morale and self-esteem.

Sign up today for one (or both!) of our workshops to discover how the SCQF Partnership can help your organisation become a more streamlined and rewarding place to work. We look forward to meeting you!

Ross3Blog post by: Ross Crawford, Partnership Officer at the SCQF Partnership.

You can contact Ross on or 0141 225 2923

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