• Nomenclature Explained
    With the increased use of the SCQF as a means to add value to learning from many sources the SCQF Partnership has issued this guidance on nomenclature which provides a useful explanation on the use of titles within it.
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  • Old V New Diagram
    Useful resource to help you compare qualifications from the 1960s through to today. Handy for parents, career advisers or for those who recruit across a wide age group.
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  • QAM Complete FINAL 2020
    Revised Quality Assurance Model (2020) for SCQFP Approved CRBs
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  • SCQF Brand Guidelines
    Provides information on use of the SCQF logo and branding.
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  • SCQF Database Explained
    How to use the SCQF database of qualifications for Credit Rating Bodies.
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  • SCQF Database Information Form
    To be completed by any organisation which has had its learning programme(s) successfully credit rated by a Credit Rating Body.
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  • SCQF Handbook
    A technical guide that explains how the SCQF can be used to support and develop Scotland’s lifelong learning agenda.
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  • SCQF Infographic 2018
    Snapshot of statistics relating to SCQF activities in 2018.
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  • SCQF Level Descriptors
    Level descriptors are fundamental to the SCQF. The SCQF Level Descriptors describe in broad terms what learners should be able to do or demonstrate at a particular level. Within an integrated framework, these level descriptors provide a common vocabulary to assist with the comparison of qualifications and learning programmes.
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  • SCQF Partnership Operational Plan 2018-19
    This plan sets out the operational priorities and activities for the SCQF Partnership for the year 2018/19.
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