My Skills, My Future aims to support individuals by identifying the skills they have gained through informal learning such as a hobby or part time job and benchmark these to the SCQF so they can see the level of their learning and start to make a plan of action for the future with the help of a facilitator.

The MSMF resource was originally developed back in 2013 primarily to support young people with few or no formal qualifications. During those original pilots, it was proved that people who know the level of their learning tend to have increased confidence and can more easily re-engage and plan their future.

The resource has also been successfully used with older learners including adult returners, those who have been made redundant and those leaving care.

Benefits of My Skills, My Future are as follows:

•    Helps individuals clearly understand their range of skills
•    Helps in supporting a decision making process regarding future career or further training
•    Helps individuals understand where their learning sits on the SCQF which helps build self-confidence and raises aspirations
•    Helps to generate evidence towards certain SQA awards such as the Employability Award at level 2 and some Personal Development Awards.
•    Helps Support DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) and supports the realisation of the entitlements for children and young people outlined within the Career Education Standard (3-18) developed by Education Scotland (2015).


Since its original launch, more than 500 advisers and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, including schools, CLD, third sector and SDS, have been trained to use the pack with their clients. We also developed a Train the Trainer workshop so that advisers could share their learning with colleagues.

A working group was set up to undertake a review of the resource and it has now been re-designed and re-launched. The improved and professionally designed resources are less complex, more effective and are easier to use.

Workshops will take place through 2020, so please keep an eye on our events page for dates.