Meet Adam, Research Intern

The latest member to join the SCQF Partnership team is Adam Ferguson who joins us as a Research Intern  Here’s an insight into his background and a little about what Adam will be doing to support the SCQFP.

Tell us a bit about your career to date

I spent four years at the University of Glasgow studying Geography at Honours level, and a further year there completing a Research Masters specialising in Human Geography. In doing so, I carried out two research dissertations, both built around the impact of different forms of representation in cinema. I worked as a marketing and research assistant as part of the 2017 Africa in Motion film festival team, where I helped identify relevant target audiences for niche films. Keeping with the film theme, I also contribute to various Ayrshire Weekly Press titles, writing about weekly movie releases and news, having done so since 2015.

What is your role within the SCQFP?

As part of the Partnerships and Communication Team, my role is to support the SCQF Partnership in analysis activities related to the effectiveness of the products, materials and workshops provided and delivered by the SCQFP. This will involve undertaking research and analysis on a number of services, tools and workshops, such as My Skills My Future, in support of the work carried out by the SCQFP Officers.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

As a keen filmgoer, I decided to start my own blog ( in the summer of 2013, where I review films both past and present and write features on various movie-related topics. I also had the, albeit fairly brief, opportunity to develop and produce a talk-in radio show with a colleague towards the end of 2016 which centred on local news and relevant community issues