Meet Katie, Research Intern

The latest member of staff to join the SCQF Partnership team is Katie Gibson who joins us as a Research Intern this summer. Here’s an insight into her background and a little about what Katie will be doing to support the SCQFP.


What is your role within the SCQFP?

I’ve just finished my first week interning with the SCQFP where I have been working with Sheila Dunn, Head of Quality and International Development. My role at the Partnership involves conducting research and analysis of business opportunities both European and International, so as to identify where the SCQFP can provide study visits or consultancy. There is the additional aim of updating the SCQFP European and International Strategy.


Tell us a bit about your studies to date

I’m now going into my final year of my Mathematics and Statistics degree at the University of Edinburgh. I’ve enjoyed learning complex maths and how to apply it, as well as developing my ability to code, something I never thought I’d be doing at university! Throughout my degree, I’ve also had the chance to take courses in Accountancy, Finance and even some French. As part of my final year, I will be doing a project in mathematical education, where the aim is to study the psychological theories behind why many people have such a dislike for maths, and how this can be changed.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

In my free time I play the fiddle with the Edinburgh University Folk society and ceilidh band, recently playing at events such as the Orkney Folk Festival. Since first learning to play the violin at nine years old, I’ve played in different orchestras and trad bands, which is where I discovered my love of Scottish music. Because of this, I’ve had the chance to visit and play at so many beautiful places all over Scotland. I now even co-manage the society’s ceilidh band. I have also appeared in the hit TV series, Outlander!