by Fiona Garry - Development Officer, SCQF Partnership

Here I am 6 months down the line of my new career at the SCQF Partnership. One of my main roles here is to look after the College Ambassador programme. This was set up as a pilot project in 2017/18 with City of Glasgow College, North East College Scotland and Forth Valley College. Feedback was positive and the programme was given the green light!

One of my tasks is to encourage more colleges to take part in the scheme. This was promoted through our website and social media channels and another 2 colleges quickly contacted me to become involved. Initial meetings have taken place with college management teams and negotiations are well underway to finalising the training dates.

I hadn’t been in a college for a number of years and I set about visiting our current Ambassador colleges. My first visit was to City of Glasgow College to meet the team and catch up on where they’re at. The main building was a hive of activity full of students, staff and visitors just going about their daily lives.

“Buzzin” would be the correct term! It reminded me of a “City within a City”. I’ve been back since with visitors and had a guided tour of the facilities and have also been invited to a careers event to further promote the Framework to students, employers and staff.

My next visit was to Forth Valley College and again the air of excitement was palpable. I met with some Ambassadors and we chatted about where we are now and how we can further embed the Framework into their “everyday language”. I am looking at the possibility of delivering a workshop on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and joining them for an open day.

My final visit was to North East College Scotland in Aberdeen to see how they have embedded the Framework into their curriculum.

My initial thoughts were - are they not all Ambassadors anyway simply by their very nature? Having come from a University background I started to research what Scotland’s colleges actually deliver, and I began to understand just how much work they actually do! They deliver a diverse range of training and qualifications from mainstream school qualifications, SVQs, HNCs to degrees, Foundation Apprenticeships, all on the SCQF Framework alongside professional programmes and community outreach work, and this is only scratching the surface.

This was the point when I realised that taking on anything extra to their workload could be considered a challenge and my job is to engage with colleges at their point of delivery and offer advice and guidance on how exactly the SCQF could create new opportunities and help them to achieve the College Outcome Agreements set out by Scottish Funding Council, without creating a huge burden on staff. This is simple - with a few minor tweaks to what you already do, and involving the right staff, the SCQF Framework can help your college meet its targets.

Find out more about the benefits.

I am looking for more colleges to sign up to the programme, so please get in touch if you want to know more!