For those working outwith the education sector, the qualifications landscape can initially appear confusing, particularly for employers looking to recruit new staff and develop the skills of their existing workforce. The Maximise Workforce Potential webinar has been developed as an introductory tool to help demystify qualifications and show how the SCQF can be used to improve the workforce development of any organisation.

With an eye on qualifications, the SCQF is a quick and easy to understand resource that allows anybody to compare various types of qualifications including academic, vocational and non-formal learning programmes.

Comparing existing and older qualifications is another challenge that employers regularly face, but the SCQF are on hand again to help with that one. Our Old v New guide, which maps how SQA qualifications have evolved from the 1960s to the present day, is an essential resource and occupies wall space in many offices of those involved in recruitment.

From micro businesses to international corporations, recruitment is a key component of building any successful organisation. Writing meaningful and concise jobs descriptions and person specifications is vital in attracting the right applicants. A recent study has shown that unclear job descriptions deter 20% of candidates from applying for a job. The Employer’s Guide to the SCQF helps anyone capture the skills and competencies required for a post and incorporate them into job descriptions and person specifications.

Introducing or maintaining a learning culture can be challenging for businesses. The most competitive and agile organisations have well developed and structured training programmes that help sustain employee engagement, boost productivity and support employee retention. The Employer’s Guide to the SCQF provides practical guidance in how to conduct a skills audit of your workforce, developing a learning programme and how to have your existing in-house training programme recognised on the SCQF.

Qualifications being on the SCQF doesn’t merely mean they’ve had a tartan stamp of approval. Our Qualifications can Cross Boundaries leaflet highlights how Scottish qualifications can be compared to other qualifications throughout the British Isles and Europe.

Our next Maximise Workforce Potential webinar is happening on the 20 March at 12.30pm. Why don’t you join to find out how the SCQF can help you and your organisation develop a competitive edge in recruitment and workforce development?