10 Year Anniversary for SCQFP Team


In 2008 the small team that comprised the SCQF Partnership (SCQFP) Executive Team doubled in size! Three became six, and of the six, ten years later in 2018, three members of the team are still working for the SCQFP, helping to promote the benefits of the SCQF to learners, employers, parents, teachers, lecturers, careers guidance staff and policymakers.

Aileen Ponton, CEO; Julie Cavanagh, Head of Partnerships and Communication; and Sam Houten Feeley, Communications and Marketing Officer, all have 10 years’ service with the SCQFP and, over the years, have contributed to and witnessed a huge change in awareness and perception of the SCQF.

Aileen comments: “In 2008 we had a single page website, four publications and limited research on the impact of the SCQF. What a difference 10 years make! In 2018 we are on the fourth iteration of a responsive website containing information and resources for each of our target audiences; we have a range of 25 leaflets and resources – both on- and offline – as well as numerous pieces of research around the impact of the SCQF amongst learners of all types, educators in Further and Higher Education and employers.”

Over the years we have focused strongly on the need to reach out to employers, young people and parents to help them understand what the SCQF is and how it can be used to navigate the vast amount of learning pathways available. We have introduced the School Ambassador programme and also embraced the use of social media and video content to better communicate the key SCQF messages and benefits.

The growth in the number of qualifications recognised on the Framework is evidenced in the SCQF Database. Since its launch in 2009, the Database has continually grown as more qualifications are credit rated. The Database has been redeveloped in the last few years and there are now over 11,500 qualifications on the SCQF.

Looking into the future, the SCQFP Team will continue to work with the Scottish Government to achieve the shared ambition of improving the learner journey for all.

We’re still a small team of 12, but our aim has always been to champion the recognition of all types of learning and to promote the Framework as an essential tool for learners, educators and employers. Here’s to the next 10 years!