Golden touch as Belmont Academy becomes 50th SCQF School Ambassador!

The SCQF Partnership has just recruited the 50th school into its School Ambassador Programme. The SCQF School Ambassador programme offers schools the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the SCQF and the wider ways in which it supports learners such as recognising wider achievement, developing Senior Phase learning pathways in line with the Developing the Young Workforce strategy and giving equality between vocational and academic qualifications.

The milestone was marked with the presentation of a golden plaque by Development Officer for the SCQF Partnership, Kevin McShane, to the staff at Belmont Academy.

Kevin, who manages the SCQF School Ambassador programme, said: “I am delighted that Belmont Academy has become the 50th school to join the SCQF Ambassador Programme. Belmont Academy, like all of our schools across Scotland, has a diverse profile of pupils and in common with all SCQF Ambassador schools is looking to develop a dynamic curriculum that can meet the needs of all learners.

The SCQF School Ambassador Programme is a vehicle for improving understanding and use of the SCQF among teaching staff, pupils and the wider school community and helps recognise the achievements of all pupils across the attainment spectrum, brining parity of esteem to different types of qualifications.

By joining the Programme and embracing the SCQF schools can develop a more nuanced and contextualised approach to developing senior phase learning pathways, which will help meet the outcomes of the Developing the Young Workforce and Closing the Gap initiatives.”

Laura MacMillan, Principal Teacher of Developing Young Workforce at Belmont Academy added: “Belmont Academy is pleased to be announced as the 50th school embarking on the SCQF School Ambassador programme. We are thankful for the opportunity to engage with the SCQF team in order to raise awareness of the Framework and support our pupils in making informed decisions for their future.

We plan to utilise the SCQF framework as we revise our current course choices and pathways for all learners. Our next step is to raise pupil awareness of the framework through workshops and provide leadership opportunities for our pupils to become SCQF Pupil Ambassadors.

The pupil ambassadors will attend future parental engagement events to share this information with parents/carers. By embedding the SCQF, we believe it will assist us in leading pupils to make informed decisions, achieve positive and sustainable destinations and gain experiences and qualifications for skills for life, learning and work.”

Belmont Academy is the largest secondary school in Ayr and the 6th largest in Scotland.

The SCQF School Ambassador Programme is open to any secondary school in Scotland. If you would like your school to get involved, contact Kevin McShane or have a look at the School Ambassador information page.