A Tariff Review Group chaired by Aileen Ponton, Chief Executive of the SCQF Partnership, has been considering the underlying principles and perceived issues with the Insight tariff scale over the past year. The Tariff Review Group reports to the Insight Project Board, which has accepted the recommendations. These included that the Insight Tariff should meet the following six high-level principles:

Tariff Principles

• provide the means to support self-evaluation, professional dialogue and performance improvement for school cohorts;
• be based on qualifications and learning programmes on the SCQF;
• recognise the value of all types of qualification and learning programme irrespective of assessment methodology;
• reflect parity across all qualifications and learning programmes;
• have a transparent and understandable calculation means, which is statistically robust, educationally relevant and easy to use; and
• recognise only the “best” qualification in a given subject for each learner.

In addition, the Project Board also agreed that only qualifications and learning programmes on the SCQF database will be included in the tariff calculation and that the Insight Project Team, working with partners, should:

• investigate how perceived barriers to SCQF credit rating could be reduced;
• investigate if and where information on non SCQF credit rated qualifications and learning programmes could be held and accessibly accessed by stakeholders;
• continue to improve communication on Insight and its tariff;
• calculate and pilot an additional view of the tariff score data through a measure that was grade free, i.e. calculated using the same methodology as the current total and complementary tariffs but without an add-on for grade
• keep the no gap rule between the tariff score allocated to achievement of units at one level and achievement of a course at the level below, reviewing the requirement as units are progressively removed.

Work is underway with local authorities and other stakeholders to identify non SCQF credit rated programmes offered in Senior Phase, and the SCQF Partnership will be working with award providers to identify barriers to inclusion. Consideration will also be given to how information on non SCQF awards might be shared more generally. The Project Team is also exploring the feasibility of presenting an additional view of tariff score data that is grade free, and will be working with the newly created local authority network of Insight leads and other key stakeholders to consider the merits of this approach in supporting improvements for learners in the senior phase.

A communications & engagement plan has also been agreed by the Insight Project Board to ensure that key messages on the work of the Tariff Review and Insight more generally are appropriately shared.

Contact the Insight Project Team  to raise any queries, issues or ideas.