Insight is an online benchmarking tool designed to help bring about improvements for school learners in the senior phase (S4 to S6). It is a professional tool for secondary schools and local authorities to identify areas of success and where improvements can be made. The system is updated twice annually, around September for attainment results, and February for school leavers’ data.


 Upgrades to Insight this month will include:

  • The introduction of a new Grade Neutral Tariff measure on a pilot basis. This is an agreed outcome from the work of the Insight Tariff Review, which will allow a more nuanced consideration of attainment which takes into account graded and ungraded elements of attainment.
  • The inclusion of Foundation Apprenticeships (FAs), recognising that this is the first point at which full (non-pathfinder) FAs have been certificated.


The Insight Tariff Review Group was chaired by CEO of the SCQF Partnership, Aileen Ponton, and it concluded its work in May 2018. Specific outcomes from that work include the aforementioned Grade Neutral Tariff measure, which was recommended by the Tariff Review Group and has been developed for inclusion with this month’s update of the tool.


Further work is underway on the remaining recommendations from the Tariff Review around the landscape of college data for improvement and what synergies with Insight there might be. Work is also underway with awards providers whose awards are not on the SCQF to understand the reasons and any potential barriers to credit rating, and to explore the support which may be made available to award providers to assist in the credit rating process.


The Insight team is working closely with partners to ensure that a full suite of other awards providers’ data will be included in the February 2019 update, including a new award provider, Sports Leaders UK. See the full range of existing providers    


Education Scotland will be writing separately to all secondary schools to raise awareness of the September update. The Insight Project Team can be contacted at