As part of our build up to supporting schools and pupils for results day, we’re looking to raise awareness around the SCQF School Ambassador programme and what it means for staff and pupils to be involved.  

So, we’re looking for short (less than 1min) videos from Pupil Ambassadors telling us what it means to be involved, if they have used their knowledge about SCQF to help them make choices and how it’s helped them understand the learning they’ve been involved in.  

If video isn’t an option, a short statement accompanied with a selfie style photo would be ideal for us to promote. Be as creative as you like!  

Examples of situations: 

  1. Understanding the SCQF helped me choose a Foundation Apprenticeship because I get a qualification at the same level as a higher as well as real work experience.

  2. Knowing more about the SCQF I was able to do an NPA in Business at SCQF level 5 without the stress of having to sit an exam.

  3. Learning about the SCQF taught me that there are many different paths you can take. I’ve decided to go to college then maybe I will I apply for an apprenticeship or move into 3rd year at University.


If video submissions are chosen to be shared on social media then the creator will receive a voucher for ‘Nandos’ to the sum of £20.

Submissions should be made to and should include full name, school and class. 

Due to the current situation and with school holidays fast approaching we will be accepting submissions until 20th July. 

We will be using #mySCQFjourney to share this content across our social channels  


1 entry per person 

Entries must relate to SCQF experiences 

Videos no more than 1 minute long 

Submissions by 20th July 2020 

We’ll let winners know by 30th July 2020.