Project Background

The Scottish Government’s ambition is to develop a system in Scotland that will enable all citizens to gain recognition for their skills and experience, regardless of the context/country in which they were gained.

To achieve this the Government, in partnership with education providers and a wide range of other organisations - including the SCQF Partnership - set up a 15 month pilot to explore processes for recognition with a focus on migrants who have come to live in Scotland. However, the longer term aim is to adapt the processes developed to meet the needs of the wider population.

The project is specifically targeting the Tourism/Hospitality, Health and Social Care, Construction/Engineering and IT sectors.

The project team would like to invite employers from these sectors to participate in an event aimed at gaining discussion and feedback from employers on the subject of skills recognition in Scotland. 

Why should Employers attend?

As an employer from one of the targeted sectors, we would very much value your input into informing and shaping this infrastructure for Scotland.

The content of the event will include:

- Sharing with you the processes that have been developed, including case studies and early feedback from employers that the project has engaged with

- Discussion on the potential benefits these recognition processes might have for employers, in relation to recruitment, skills shortages and talent management

- An opportunity for employers to give their feedback and perspectives on the processes and in doing so inform the future direction of this infrastructure.

Details of event

Date/Time: Wednesday 5th December 2018, 10am-12pm

Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow G4 0BA

We hope that you will also be able to stay after the event and join the project team for lunch and a chance for continued discussion.

Please RSVP Breda Moran, Glasgow Caledonian University by Monday 26th November.