The Scottish Prison Service College (SPSC) has recently achieved the status of becoming an SCQF approved Credit Rating Body (CRB) through the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Partnership. This allows it to make decisions about the SCQF level and SCQF credit points allocated to qualifications it has developed to train prison staff.

Kate Hudson, Head of SPSC College and Learning and Development said: “The Scottish Prison Service employs a vast number of professionals who all work in a unique and complex environment, demanding particular values, skills and attributes. Our national College works hard to ensure our staff have everything they need to carry out their duties, and obtaining credit rating status greatly improves our service to those staff, who in turn will be better equipped to deliver, for those within our care, and communities across Scotland. The news about our credit rating status comes at a time of significant change for the Service, and furthers our ambition to demonstrate Scotland’s Prison Officers as a professional community, distinct because of their specialist skills, knowledge and values, and enabled by an exciting new programme of continuing professional development.”

Aileen Ponton, Chief Executive of the SCQF Partnership, added: “We are delighted to work with SPSC as a new Credit Rating Body for the SCQF. In their most recent Strategic Plan they had identified a number of priorities linked to staff development and wellbeing. One of those was – Becoming a Learning Organisation – and they saw achieving credit rating status as an integral part of that for the organisation and for the ultimate benefit of all of their employees. We were impressed with their commitment to that priority and to the way they had developed robust quality assurance systems for their staff development programmes. We look forward to working with them further as they continue to expand their offer.”

To become a CRB for the SCQF, SPSC had to demonstrate that it has robust quality assurance processes and a rigorous approach to qualifications development and credit rating. As part of the application SPSC credit rated its Control and Restraint Foundation Programme and the Negotiator Foundation Programme; both sit at SCQF Level 7 with 6 SCQF Credit Points.

Being an SCQF approved CRB allows SPSC to make its own professional judgements, using tools provided by the SCQF Partnership, about what level a qualification sits at on the SCQF. Once a qualification has an SCQF level it attracts national and international recognition for the learners who achieve it.

SPSC is now one of seven SCQF approved CRBs which, along with SQA, universities and colleges, is allowed to make its own credit rating decisions.


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