The SCQF Partnership has been working over recent years with both universities and colleges to expand their credit rating activity beyond that of their mainstream provision.

As part of this ongoing endeavour, the SCQFP funded six projects in 2017/18 which led to the credit rating of 22 programmes.

The colleges and universities which participated and some examples of the programmes credit rated are:

Forth Valley College - Petrochemical Apprentice Skills Enhancement Programme – Multiskilled Engineering at SCQF level 6 with 47 credit points

Glasgow Clyde College - ESOL through Storytelling at SCQF level 4 with 4 credit points

Glasgow Kelvin College - Certificate In Youth Work Practice at SCQF level 5 with 10-14 credit points

Newbattle Abbey College - Developing the Forest and Outdoor Learning Awards: Forest and Outdoor Learning Skills at SCQF levels 2-4 with 4 credit points each; Forest School and Outdoor Learning Leadership at SCQF levels 5, 6 and 8, with 5, 6 and 18 credit points

Glasgow Caledonian University - Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice Placements (LTAPPs) at SCQF level 10 with 20 credit points

Edinburgh Napier University - Street Soccer Coaching at SCQF level 4 with 5 credit points

The projects aimed to achieve three outcomes for the SCQF Partnership in its role of supporting Credit Rating Bodies within the university and college sectors:

1. to help overcome any perceived barriers to credit rating non-mainstream provision within universities and colleges;

2. to expand the types of credit rated programmes within universities and colleges in Scotland; and most importantly,

3. to build capacity of staff trained to credit rate non-mainstream provision within the HE and FE sectors.

The projects have been a great success for all of the colleges and universities involved and will offer long term benefits to learners.

Indeed, the suite of programmes developed at Newbattle Abbey College support its status as Scotland’s First Forest College and will provide learners with a progressive programme of learning in forest and outdoor learning.

This project led to the development of multiple new partnerships with educators and organisations across Scotland. Newbattle Abbey College noted that the wide consultation and collaborative approach in the leadership and development of the awards with stakeholders has been seen as key to both their development and the interest in them.

Pauline Sutton, Curriculum Manager at Newbattle Abbey College commented, “Sustainability is ensured by the positive reception the awards have had from learners and partners.

As the awards are implemented they will contribute to widening access for specific groups including: children and adults who find access to academic pathways challenging; progression routes for learners from SCQF level 4 to leadership level qualifications, employment or education; lifelong learning opportunities for adults returning to education; educators in the senior phase who are developing wider curriculum; and educators providing provision for the early-years, especially those involved in the extension of nursery hours.

We are also discussing a Forest and Outdoor Learning Award at SCQF level 9 (Trainer Award) and will seek to develop new programmes when the current initiatives are embedded.”

All programmes put forward for the projects have been successfully credit rated and added to the SCQF Database.