We would like to invite all schools currently enrolled in our School Ambassadors programme to take part in a Twitter competition to run from Thursday 25 October 2018 until Friday 31 May 2019.

The aim of the competition is to help raise awareness of the SCQF and the resources available to help learners, parents and carers understand and compare Scottish qualifications and plan progression routes.

Your School will collect points for sharing our tweets containing links to SCQF resources, web pages and videos that are helpful to staff, pupils, parents and carers. These tweets will contain the hashtag #SCQFComp

The winning school will be presented with a cheque for £250


Competition Rules:

  • Points will be awarded for every tweet by a school which references and is relevant to SCQF and contains the hashtag #SCQFComp
  • Points will be awarded for every retweet of an SCQF post that contains the hashtag #SCQFComp.
  • If you ‘quote a tweet’ be sure to include the hashtag #SCQFComp within your tweet.
  • Schools will be updated on progress of this competition via the School Ambassador Ezine and via the SCQF Twitter Profile
  • Your school should participate using your dedicated school twitter account. (Tweets from individuals or class accounts will not be counted).


It’s easy to get involved! If you have any questions please contact Katie on k.mckenna@scqf.org.uk

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