Street Soccer Scotland Scores SCQF Success

With World Cup fever well and truly upon us, football is on the minds of the nation, but none more than the Street Soccer Scotland team. Founded in 2009, Street Soccer Scotland is a social enterprise which uses football inspired training and personal development as a medium to empower people who are affected by social exclusion, to make positive changes in their lives.

As part of an ongoing SCQF Partnership project to support Credit Rating Bodies within the college and university sectors, Edinburgh Napier University was successful in gaining funding to credit rate the Street Soccer Scotland Coaching Award. This means that the Award is now on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) with an SCQF level and credit points, allowing more players to gain recognised qualifications as they continue their journey with Street Soccer Scotland to a more positive destination in their lives.

Andy Hook, Head of Programmes at Street Soccer Scotland said: “The team at Street Soccer Scotland are immensely proud of this achievement. This qualification has been a long time in the making and many people have helped us along the way. By using the power of football we believe we can continue to help people from a range of socially disadvantaged backgrounds.”

The award, at SCQF level 4 with 20 credit points, contains a suite of modules that are football themed to engage the participants in vocational training without it being seen as formal education which can be a barrier. They are from socially disadvantaged/excluded or disengaged backgrounds, generally with limited education levels. Having established a trusted relationship with Street Soccer Scotland and its staff, volunteers and participants, moving forward with football-related vocational training through this kind of bespoke SCQF credit rated module can then be seen as a natural progression, rather than a programme that is being ‘imposed’ from an external source.

Street Soccer Scotland is recognised by the Scottish Government, Sport Scotland and key influencers as a leader in implementing a ‘Sport for Change’ approach, leading to real and lasting social outcomes through the life-changing impact of programmes and activities which help individuals to move forward positively with their lives, at their own pace and with assistance tailored to their own individual needs.  

Edinburgh Napier currently works with Street Soccer Scotland as part of its wider access and outreach activities to provide more opportunities for the local community and socially disadvantaged groups to access education through sport and have learning achievements recognised with a formal qualification.
This project aimed to achieve three outcomes for the SCQF Partnership in its role of supporting Credit Rating Bodies within the university and college sectors:

•    to help overcome any perceived barriers to credit rating non-mainstream provision within universities and colleges;
•    to expand the types of credit rated programmes within universities and colleges in Scotland; and most importantly,
•    to build capacity of staff trained to credit rate non-mainstream provision within the HE and FE sectors.