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SQA Results are due on Tuesday 9 August and all candidates will receive a Scottish Qualifications Certificate by post. SCQF credit points and levels are included in all Scottish Qualifications Certificates.

Please help us raise awareness of the importance of understanding what SCQF credit points and levels mean. This is particularly important for learners who may not have received the results they hoped for and are making decisions about future learning/ or career choices.


How to help

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This contains really helpful information about the SCQF, and in addition, we have shared helpline numbers and website links to partner sites. Please feel free to share this across your networks


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'Understanding the SCQF in your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (2022)'

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Example Social Posts prior to Results Day

Important information for individuals receiving SQA results this summer #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Take time to understand the SCQF before you receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate this summer. It could save you from repeating learning you've already done! #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Awaiting your SQA results? Getting to know the SCQF now will help during the process of choosing learning or career options #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Employers, Colleges, and Universities understand and use the SCQF that's why it's important you understand and use it too!  #SQAresults #SCQFmatters


Example Posts on/after Results Day

SCQF levels and credit points are included on your Scottish Qualifications Certificate. It's important you understand what these mean #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Confused about SCQF levels and credit points on your Scottish Qualifications certificate? Help is here #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Everything you need to know about SCQF levels and credit points included with your Scottish Qualifications Certificate #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

Understanding what SCQF levels and credit points mean is important especially if you didn't get the results you hoped for. Find out why #SQAresults #SCQFmatters

SCQF levels & credit points are included in your Scottish Qualifications Certificate. It's really important to understand what these mean, and it can be particularly helpful if you didn't get the results you hoped for #SQAresults #SCQFmatters


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