The SCQF is acknowledged internationally as a well-established national qualifications framework and the SCQF Partnership continues to be involved in a variety of projects and events relating to educational and national framework developments in Europe and across the world.


We have been approached by Government Departments and statutory agencies in a number of countries for support on Framework projects and associated initiatives and we have established a sound reputation in this regard.

Within the Partnership we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer a comprehensive suite of themed and bespoke study visits for European and International visitors. 

We can access key players across the qualifications and education landscape in Scotland and design comprehensive packages to suit the needs of interested parties across Europe and internationally.

Throughout the year we also offer “open” study visits for individuals or organisations interested in finding out more about the SCQF and how it operates.

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Our offer to you:

Recent developments across Europe show signs of significant progress in national reforms of lifelong learning and the promotion of quality, transparency and mobility across the EU.

With an increased focus on qualifications, quality and mobility, the SCQF Partnership is well placed as the National Co-ordination Point  to be able to offer guidance on all aspects of the emerging tools and initiatives relating to these matters  in Europe. 

A study visit to the SCQF can help to contextualize these developments and show how Scotland is moving forward, working in partnership to ensure that the SCQF remains fit for purpose and continuing to meet the needs of Scotland’s learners, regardless of where that learning takes place.

In addition to our themed and bespoke study visits we also offer support to interested parties with the following Consultancy services:


  • Development of level descriptors

  • Development of a lifelong learning Framework

  • Implementing a National Qualifications Framework

  • Allocating levels and credit to programmes of learning (credit rating)

  • Capacity building of institutions and individuals

  • Employer engagement strategies

  • Development of a communication strategy and plan



  • The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is well recognised and highly valued internationally. There are currently over 150 countries across the world implementing or developing frameworks and several are based on the Scottish model.

  • The SCQF is a lifelong learning framework based on credit and has been referenced to both the European qualifications framework (EQF) and the framework for qualifications of the European higher education area (FQ-EHEA).



A typical Study group will learn about:

  • the SCQF, its origins, functions and operations and other UK frameworks, their implementation, commonalities and differences, use and benefits;

  • referencing UK frameworks to the EQF and implementation of the European credit transfer system for VET (ECVET) and other European initiatives in the UK;

  • SCQF Partnership’s European and international engagement; experience and perspectives from government and social partners on how qualifications frameworks are benefiting learners.

  • The content of visits can be based on individual organisational needs as appropriate



Study groups will:

meet members of the SCQF Executive Team working directly with credit rating bodies and other framework users;

  • visit learning institutions implementing the SCQF;
  • visit partner organisations;
  • hear from a range of experts on the Scottish approach to lifelong learning.


Examples of Study Visit Programmes

One Day Programme

Two Day Programme

Half Day Programme


For further information contact Lydia George on +44 (0)141 225 2926

Real Examples of Our Bespoke Services

View some examples of themed and bespoke study visit packages and international expert engagement which we have undertaken.

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