The SCQF Partnership is participating in a project with a number of partners led by The Educational Research Institute (Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych – IBE) in Poland.

The main goal of the NQF-IN project is to provide evidence based support to national governments, EU agencies and key stakeholders in developing policies on including non-formal VET qualification into NQFs. This will be done by (specific objectives):

  1. providing systematised knowledge on the organisational and financial solutions applied in seven EU countries on including non-formal VET qualifications into their NQFs,
  2. developing organisational and financial models related to the inclusion of non-formal qualifications to NQFs.

The project partners expect that better evidence based support for decision makers and stakeholders will provide more impetus and greater efficiency in NQF implementation and its opening to the non-formal sector, resulting in better VET and LLL policies within EU countries and at the EU level.

NQF-in Project meeting in Warsaw

NQF-in Project meeting in Dublin

NQF-in Project meeting in Split, Croatia

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