Your child may still be at school and about to make a transition to the next stage of their education or may already be at college or university. Wherever they are in their learning journey The SCQF is here to help you make sense of qualifications so you can support them with planning their next move.


Understanding the level of the learning achieved

Qualifications have changed a lot over the past few years. The SCQF clearly shows how some qualifications have the same worth. For example a Higher and a Foundation Apprenticeship are both at SCQF level 6. Have a look at our Interactive Framework to see.

Recognising all the learning achieved

There are lots of learning programmes that are recognised on the SCQF that your child might undertake at school or in their spare time and it’s important that they include these in their profile or CV. Search our database for details of these programmes. It’s easy to use! 


Equality of qualifications

The SCQF promotes equality of qualifications. For instance, an Outward Bound Adventure and Challenge Award sits at level 5 on the SCQF which is the same level as a National 5. They might be very different types of learning but you still have to use the same level of skills to achieve them. This is why it’s really important that your child includes all the learning they’ve achieved on their profile or CV and remembers to include the SCQF level.


Planning a learning journey

Sometimes we know where we’re going next and what we want to do. For example, your child might study Nationals, then Highers at school and be sure they’re going to university next. However, they might prefer to go to college and do some vocational training or learn whilst working through a Modern Apprenticeship. The SCQF can help them work out their next move. Have a look at our learner journey case studies


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Use the Interactive Framework to see the level of your learning or to compare mainstream qualifications.


Find qualifications and learning programmes across Scotland that are on the SCQF.